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ETO represents an Import - Export and Trading company with an HQ in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our purpose is to support businesses by building a trustful network of partners that allow the network members to trade their goods with trust and simplicity.

We support companies from the West to deliver their value to the East and vice versa, which could not happen because of political and economic restrictions. Georgia has always been a significant part of the Silk Road, first due to geography but primarily because of connecting the bridge culturally, economically, and socially between the diverse people from the continents. Thus our company East-West Trading continues the same historic role to connect the people of two continents and bring value through this connection to all. This role is even more reinforced with the DCFTA agreement with EU and FTA agreement with the Peoples Republic of China and many eastern countries, making trade through Georgia advantageous and straightforward.

ETO has already delivered thousands of metric tones of goods in food category like Wine, Grain, Oil, Nuts, Sugar, Water, Tea and natural resources like Wood, Coal and Copper. We have been a solid partner providing seamless and continuous delivery to multiple geographies. Our knowledge and expertise of political, economic and legal systems of various countries make us the leaders in the field by delivering solutions to complexities of international trade.

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